Pulak Paul is a photorealistic artist, specialising in pencil portraits. From his early childhood days, he began to develop an interest in art. Soon this interest shaped up as his passion and sketching became his life. Being passionate about sketching, he opted for a career in the same field. He started his professional journey as a graphic designer and now he is an Art Director at a reputed organization. Apart from sketching, he also specialises in digital art work.

Pulak is a self-taught artist. In the initial days, he started with graphite pencil sketches. However, over time, he has widened his horizons. He now specialises in both graphite and color pencil photorealistic drawings. Attention to details is vital in art and Pulak is a staunch believer of this. His sketches exemplify his meticulousness. Behind each and every sketch, there is 80 or more hours of hard work and great focus. With every sketch, he continues to feel driven to improve his technique that can bring out the best of work.